Welcome to the website of Books2download, digital publishers in The Netherlands. Books2download is the company that produces and sells the digital publications by Rian Visser, writer of more than 50 children’s books, many of them translated in various languages, like German, English, French, or even Korean and Latvian. The majority of the ebooks, lessons for interactive whiteboards and iPhone and iPad apps that we produce however, are in the Dutch language. As are most of our contributions to this weblog. But since we began producing apps for iPhone and iPad, the marketplace became worldwide and ofcourse we’d like to be able to give all relevant information on these apps and on ourselves in English as well. And if you can’t find the specific information you are looking for, please let us know by mail. Kind regards, Rian Visser and Bert Vegelien

Free presentation about creating an app

Apart from the app we made a presentation about how the app was created. This presentation (pdf) can be used on an interactive whiteboard and is especially fun for children to understand how a paper book is transformed into an interactive app. Download for free!

Timo appTimo and the Magical Picture Book

Timo receives a picture book made by his Uncle Nick. It’s a very special book, because once you open it, you will be inside it. But you’re not supposed to shake the book, otherwise everything will get completely mixed up.A truly amazing and hilarious app, which you won’t resist shaking! Make plates fall from the cupboard or see how mother bakes a cake in the washing machine. The app starts with beautiful animations you can swipe through. As soon as Timo is inside the magical picture book, you can manipulate the pages by shaking your iPad of iPhone, blowing into its microphone, and touching page elements. When Timo and his family fall out of the magical picture book into the living room you can enjoy the animations again.

  • Story by Rian Visser, author of more than 50 children’s books. She also writes stories for Sesame Street.
  • Appealing illustrations by Belgian illustrator Klaas Verplancke, winner of the prestigious Bologna Ragazzi Award 2001 and many other awards.
  • 10 full animations, interactive elements like shake, turn, swipe, tap and blow. Special sound effects and narration.
  • Blow into the iPad’s microphone and make Timo grow as big as a balloon!

Please have a look at the trailer on YouTube. Timo and the Magical Picture Book (iPad) iPad App Store Timo and the Magical Picture Book – Pocket (iPhone) iPhone App Store

10 Twitter Writing Tips10 Twitter Writing Tips

This booklet is an adaptation of the article “Ten things twittering has in common with writing fiction”. Written by Rian Visser, a Dutch author of children’s books. To date she has published over 60 works, which have been translated into a variety of languages. How to write captivating tweets How to get your tweets retweeted   How to get many mentions and replies

Download for free in iPhone App Store

Contents 1          Manipulation 2          Style 3          Story 4          Misdirection 5          Suggestion 6          Puns 7          Central character 8          Supporting characters 9          Stimuli 10        Creating an atmosphere