IT’S HERE! Timo and the Magical Picture Book – pocket, the iPhone app!

Timo iPhone

Seven months after Timo was launched as an iPad app, it’s here as an iPhone app as well. And it’s adorable.

Because of the many features per page, I had my doubts about making Timo suitable for a small screen. But animator Stefan de Groot, Rian Visser (yes, she’s the author, but also a great graphic designer) and last but not least our developer Jeffrey Snijder really did it. I love the pocket version. It’s all very direct on an iPhone and completely different from the iPad experience. Because of the many features, we had to cut up the larger iPad pages, and we added some new tricks. Try touching the birthday cakes for instance. So for less money you get more.

As Timo is already a success on iPad, we have high hopes for Timo and the Magical Picture Book – pocket as well. To celebrate the launch there is a special introduction price: Now $ 1,99 instead of the normal $ 3,99.
A small warning: Due of the richness of the app, it is compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

REVIEWS iPad app:

• Digitalstorytime: Overall this book is fabulous. If you’re looking for a book your child will come back to over and over, this one is not only a sure bet, but also one adults will enjoy.
• Appenthusiast: This is where the book as an iPad app really shines. You (and your children) can shake or tilt your iPad in a way that would change the objects shown within the book.
• Apps4kids: This is a delightful book app that got a nice spot on our virtual bookshelf for night time reads.
• Theiphonemom: I enjoyed the clever, quirkiness of this story and I think the illustrations are very appealing. Timo and the Magical Picture Book is an original story that translates well to the tricks of the iPad.
• iPhonefootprint: An excellent app for parents and kids to enjoy together.
• Downloadbookforipad: This appealing picture book comes to life by an amazing amount of interactive features and very professionally made animations, together with special audio effects.
• Kids-apps.moby: “Don’t tell Uncle Nick how the story ends!”

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